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Lecture 3

Week 3

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American Studies
AMH 2020

Mahogany BrownAMH 2020January 25 2013Week 3The Industrial Revolution causes a plethora changes in the United States economically socially and politically The economic change that occurred drastically affected how people lived their lives The fundamentals of the Industrial Revolution could not have happened without a transportation revolution The transportation revolution included the building of many canals during the war of 1812 up until the 1830s The most notable canal was the Erie Canal that connected the great lakes with the Hudson River all the way down to New York City The Erie Canal stretched 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo and was constructed between 1817 and 1825 The Erie Canal allowed goods to be transported from place to place much quicker then ever before This is true until Railroads are built during the 1860s Railroads became the most important ingredient in the Industrial Revolution in that it completely transformed the way people thought about time while also allowing good to be transported even more quickly than the
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