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Mahogany BrownAMH 2020February 28 2013Week 8The limitations of the freedom of speech became very important during WW1 causing many changes in American society Some citizens in the US were for these limitation and others were very much against it As explained by Oliver Wendell Holmes in document 217 he argued that the government needed a much more tougher standard to restrict free speech Holmes believed that the persecution for the expression of opinion seemed to be perfectly logical Conversely in document 218 Zechariah Chafee Jr had a different view on the issue of freedom of speech He led protest against the brutality of the sentences in the Abrams case that Oliver Wendell Holmes advocated for Chafee argued for the importance of protecting freedom of speech even during the war Chafee believed that if words did not become criminal until they had immediate tendency to produce a breach of the peace there was no ne
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