ADSC 3130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cell Therapy, Bone Marrow, Adult Stem Cell

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Animal Biotech: Lecture 1 Notes 8/15/17
Stem cell: group of classified undifferentiated cells that can differentiate (develop) into
specialized cell types (Pluripotent cell)
o Common stem cells come from embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of
embryo development (embryonic stem cells) and adult tissue (adult stem cells)
o Pluripotent cell: has the ability to develop into any type of cell in the body.
o Induced pluripotent stem cells: somatic (adult) cells are reprogrammed to enter an
embryonic stem cell-like state.
A somatic cell is any cell other than gametes (sperm or egg); referred to
adult cells
o Multipotent: has the ability to develop into more than 1 cell time in the body.
Developmentally restricted
What are the different types of Stem Cells?
o Adult stem cells
Stem cells will migrate to the injured part and differentiate
Differentiate- an unspecialized embryonic cell can turn into MSC
(Mesenchymal stem cells) these cells are developmentally
restricted aka multipotent muscle, bone, cartilage regeneration
Natural regeneration (recovery)
o Embryonic stem cells
Derived from embryos
Embryonic stem cells induce pluripotent stem cells, meaning they the stem
cells can turn into any cell in the body.
o Induced pluripotency stem cells (IPSC)
Take a skin cell, and turn it into a stem cell, then transfer it into the
body, so the human body doesn’t reject it.
Won noble prize
How can stem cells be used for cell therapy?
o Chemo treatment kills bone marrows, causes severe anemia
Stem cells can turn into any cell in the body and have many uses:
o Cell therapy
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find more resources at
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