ADSC 3300 Lecture 12: Nutrition 4/19

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University of Georgia
Animal and Dairy Sciences
ADSC 3300
Michael Azain

41917 Notes before lecture: >Quiz 6: (oxidative phosphorylation 412421) >Final: April 28 810am Need to know about Pathways: Key enzymes, where it occurs, what starts withends with, and does it use or produce energy. **Glucose6phosphate is a central compound to all the pathways we discussed. Daily caloric intake ~2500 kcal Last pathway in Metabolism Pentose Phosphate Pathway Side pathway to glycolysis Located in cytoplasm in fed state Glucose comes into the cell gets turned in to Glucose 6 phosphate (could get turned in to glycogen then) or go to the pentose phosphate pathway. Purpose Produces reducing equivalents (NADPH) o NADPH is energetically equivalent to NADH except it has an extra hydrogen on it. o It tends to be associated more with pathways in the cytoplasm, but not always. o Pentose Phosphate Pathway makes NADPH which is related to lipogenesis pathway. Produces 5carbon sugars (ribose, etc.) 2 NADPH for every glucose that goes through Key Enzymes: st 1 key enzyme: Glucose6phosphate dehydrogenase o Takes hydroxyl and converts to carboxyl. 2 key enzyme: 6phosphoglucanate dehydrogenase o We make 2 NADH and spontaneously CO is lost. 2 Lipid Metabolism (Last set of slides for semester)
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