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Lecture 17

ARHI 2300 Lecture 17: arts17

Art History
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ARHI 2300

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Lesson 17
Moche earspool
Gold, turquoise, quartz, and shell
Gold was valuable for its symbolic associations with the sun
Believed to be a warrior-priest
Figure on the earspool is dressed almost exactly like the man found buried in the tomb
The Inca
Existed as a culture as early as 800 CE
Empire established
Powerful Inca ruler Pachacuti centralized the government
By the early 1500s a series of rulers had increased the area of land under their control
until it covered more than 3,000 miles along the western coast of South America
Became the largest empire in pre-Columbian America
Machu Picchu
Abandoned around 1527
Excavated 1911
Artifacts returned from Yale to Peruvian government in 2011
Located on top of a high mountaintop ridge
Pachacuti’s priate estate and religious retreat
The condor is depicted in many places at the site
Mortarless stonework
The Importance of Wool
Burial offering
Llama provides wool for textiles
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