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Lecture 4

CBIO 3400 Lecture 4: CBIO 3400 3:2

Cellular Biology
Course Code
CBIO 3400

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CBIO 3400
Lecture 4- Outside of Class Lecture
Learning objectives
Explain the structure and function of the ER, Golgi and lysosomes
Describe the dynamic nature of these organelles
Endoplasmic reticulum structure and function
ER is located near the nucleus
o Perinuclear
Made of cisternae
o Connected tubules and flattened sacs
Forms a network of interconnected membranous structures
o Comprised up to 50% of cell membranes
The ER is a 3D network.
The ER is a very dynamic organelle.
Rough ER functions
*Rough ER is also involved in membrane synthesis.
o Synthesis
o Folding
o Glycosylation
Vesicular transport
o Gatekeeper” role
Smooth ER functions
Lipid synthesis
o Phospholipids
o Cholesterol
Drug detoxification
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