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Lecture 6

ENGL 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: BanquoPremium

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ENGL 1101

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Act II
Scene i
1. Both walking around late at late with torches
2. Macbeth is going to kill; Banquo is trying to protect
3. He does’t thik of the
4. He does’t at Bauo to hae ay suspiios
5. Because Banquo was trying to protect the murder of Duncan
6. Duncan is comfortably asleep but in reality his life is in danger
7. Hallucinating
8. Floating dagger
9. Sees it moving lie a ghost, striding towards Duncans death
10. Bloody business that moves him to insanity
11. Concept of allusion vs. reality
12. Ad o thy lade ad dudgeo/ gouts of lood; to eifoe the gaphi iage
13. used to confuse; wondering where Duncan will go
14. invites Duncan to heaven or hell; invites Macbeth to hell on earth
Scene ii
15. He reminded her of her dad; She has a conscience
16. The blood is now real
17. He got rattled
18. Amen; because he went over to the dark side
19. He ill o loge e at peae, he a’t sleep the sae ay
20. Guilt
21. Lady Macbeth returns them and she will smear it on the guards faces
22. Macbeth caves in and Lady Macbeth goes back
23. Macbeth is revolted and Lady Macbeth feels nothing of it
24. ill all geat Neptue’s oea ash this lood lea fo y hads
25. he has become guilty
26. Lady Maeth feels a little ash ill ash aay guilt; Maeth thiks it’ll ee go aay
Scene iii
27. A guard for hell
28. A) Farmer (hoarded grain to make money-committed suicide) B) Equivacator (commits
treason) B) Tailor (stole cloth)
29. His astle is hell fo Dua’s sos
30. Comic relief
31. A) chimneys blew down B) owl c)earthquake d) weird screams
32. A lot happened that night
33. Lady Maeth is the oe ehid Dua’s death ad they ae tyig to potet he fo
34. To cover the murder of Duncan: guilt
35. To distract
36. Malcom goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland
37. Bauodid’t eliee, Malo ad Doalai saed, ad Maduff suspicion)
Scene iv
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