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Lecture 27

FREN 2002 Lecture 27: French 2002 Lesson 27 Final Review

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FREN 2002

FINAL REVIEW The Condinona in french is use fu nen making a request or as ng for furors. It is equivalent to a compo nd verb forma ENOL C wou id t fin, ve To fo the condition L dd he Perfect ending ais a IS rm a. t, -ions, nez, aient to the in ninve Par ver Je Par fer a S NC US rais ar arent (era par Vera 1 verbs irresui ers. Je dirais divo aller envoy J'en ver s JM a etre Je ser s Cov e CO Je fee Savor Je s s ra. faudrait hind ten r meurir mov rra.S ven r: Je viendreis Dieurrait Ver vond "Novi D recevoir re Yra is Les pronoms stratifs Chapt. Ce Ceux as Ce e S Cell-e ave used to point o des anate something or must always be with ci or 12, a preposHon or a duPendint c Lavse w/ a relative trom ndd by: -ci lelory -la Cfar away), que qui, L Fo Les Adlech Vsed t point out something or someone. Thuy are me equivilant (mis, that, the mo c) Tvny must agre in gender as C. nine let ured he fata a maswi n Si nar That begins wi a vowel adds ci or -la h b To d th PIV Pj v masc. Ces ette
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