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Lecture 6

GEOG 1112 Lecture 6: Temperature (Part 1)

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University of Georgia
GEOG 1112
James Shepherd

LECTURE 6 | TEMPERATURE (PART 1) Temperature • It is a measure of the average speed of atoms and molecules. • Higher temperatures mean faster average speeds. Temperature Scales • Three temperature scales are commonly used: o Fahrenheit o Celsius o Kelvin (no negative values!) Thermometer Basics • Liquid-in-glass: mercury or alcohol • Electrical/electronic: resistance varies with temperature Instrument Shelter • 5 feet (~1.5 m) above ground • over a natural surface (grass) • well ventilated • shaded Air Temperature Means & Ranges • Mean Daily Temperature: o average of the max and min temperature during a 24-hour period o Example: ▪ Max=93, Min=69 ▪ Average=(93+69)/2=81 • Daily Temperature Range o Maximum minus minimum temperature o Example: ▪ Max=93, Min=69 ▪ Range=93-69=24 • Global Extremes o Due to continentality, temperature extremes occur at continental interiors (landlocked areas). o World record high was 57°C (136°F) at Azizia, Libya. o World record low was -89°C (-129°F) Antarctica. o More extreme temperatures have occurred across the globe at locations without temperature observation stations. • Mean Monthly Temperature o average of mean daily temperatures for the month • Mean Annual Temperature o average of the 12 mean monthly temperatures • Annual Temperature Range o highest minus lowest monthly mean temperature Annual Temperature Cycle • The annual temperature cycle is driven by Earth-Sun relationships. • The months of highest and lowest temperature, however, do not coincide with the periods of maximum and minimum insolation.... • We call this difference a LAG in seasonal temperature. • It occurs because of the energy balance. • In the winter, there is still more radiation leaving than coming in during Jan and Feb... • so temperatures continue to cool even though the days may be longer and the sunlight more direc
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