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GEOG 2110L
David Stanley

ATMOSPHERIC MOISTURE: HUMIDITY Hydrologic Cycle: the continuous movement of water from the earth's surface to the atmosphere and back to the surface, then to the atmosphere, ..... * Basic process: Evaporation & Transpiration (Evapotranspiration), Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff * Transpiration: the water absorbed by vegetation & then vegetation then released to the atmosphere States of Water: solid, liquid, & gas; Know these and the processes that change matter (& water) from one state to another: melting, evaporation, condensation, freezing, sublimation, & deposition (Know whether energy is being added (absorbed) or released for each process.) HUMIDITY: the water vapor content of the air ** the amount of water vapor in the air can be measured in different ways or units: * specific humidity: grams of water (H2O)/ kilograms (kg) of air * absolute humidity: grams of water (H2O)/ cubic meter (m3) of air * relative humidity (RH): the ratio of water vapor actually in the air compared to the maximum water vapor the air could hold at that temperature and expressed as a percentage. EX: (conent / capacity) X 100 = RH ** Terms * partial pressure: each component of the atmosphere makes up a part of the total air pressure * water vapor pressure: that portion of the air pressure which is made up by water vapor * saturation: when the air is holding all the water vapor it can * the amount of water vapor the air can hold is a function of T° * warmer air can hold more water vapor than colder air * saturation vapor pressure (the air’s capacity) increases with increasing T° * specific humidity: the weight of water vapor divided by the weight of the air in gm/kg * Relative Humidity (RH): the amount of actual water vapor in the air as compared to the water vapor capacity of the air equals the RH of the air actual water vapor content -----------------
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