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EARTH/SUN RELATIONSHIPS ** > 99% of Earth's energy is from the sun * amount of sunlight striking the Earth varies spatially (over space or area), with latitude * varies temporally (over time), with the changing seasons and between day & night * amount varies with day length and intensity * these variations cause an unequal heating of the Earth surface which drives the ocean currents and creates wind, transporting energy across the globe Earth Movements Rotation: the spinning of the earth about its axis * 1 turn every 24 hours; defines day & night * Earth turns at different rotational velocity for each degree of latitude;EX: 0°= 1041 mph, 40°= 798 mph, 90°= 0mph * turns counterclockwise, when viewed from above the North Pole * creates a circle of illumination between area dark and light * atmosphere rotates with Earth, held by force of gravity Revolution: movement of the earth in its orbit around the sun * 1 orbit every 365.2422 days = 1 year (365 days, 5.8 hours) * moves at ~ 66,660 mph ast it travels around the sun * counterclockwise orbit, when viewed from above North Pole * orbit is elliptical, so at one time of year it is closer to the sun than another * perihelion: closet to the sun, January 4 * aphelion: farthest from the sun, July 4 Earth's Seasons Why they occur: * Revolution * Rotation * Tilt of Earth on its axis * Axial parallelism * Sphericity * primarily due to earth's orientation to the sun & thus the varying angle the sun's rays strike the earth's surface ** this can be seen by the varying daylength & intensity with varying seasons * summer: longer days,
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