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GEOG 2110L
David Stanley

GLOBAL T° PATTERNS/DISTRIBUTION TEMPERATURE (T°): a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules of an object or substance ** atoms moving faster means greater kinetic energy, which means the substance will have a higher T° * T° is NOT heat *Amount of HEAT is dependent on volume or mass of an object; the T° of an object is not dependent on its volume or mass EX: an 8 oz glass of water and a filled bath tub can have the same T°, but will not have the same amount of heat because of different volumes ** T° Scales: Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin freezing pt of water 0° 32° 273° boiling pt of water 100° 212° 373° range 100° 180° 100° * 0°K = no molecular motion or absolute zero which = -273°C = -459° F * C° = (F° - 32°) x 5/9 F° = (C° x 9/5) + 32° K = C + 273 or C = K - 273 * isotherm: a line on a map or chart which connects points of equal temperature *** T° Controls Receipt of Solar Radiation: determined by latitudinal position is the primary control of temperatures at the Earth’s surface Differential Heating of Land and Water Surfaces: *** land cools and warms more quickly than water, and to lower & higher T° because: * water is more transparent while land is more opaque * specific heat of water is 3X greater than land s.p. = the heat needed to raise 1 gm of a substance 1° C SO, it takes more energy (sunlight) to heat up water than it does the same mount of land * evaporation from water is greater than land, so energy is used to evaporate the water and not just raise the T° * water turbulence & convection; no ‘soil turbulence’ or convection occurs Geographic Setting & Position: * Proximity to water * water has a moderating affect on T°; a
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