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Lecture 10

PHIL 2010H Lecture 10: PhilosophyNotesFeb6

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PHIL 2010H

02/06/2017 Kinds of Ideas ● Ideas imprinted on the senses (“outer” perception) ● Ideas of the emotions and of mental operations such as associating one idea with another (“inner” perception) ● Ideas of memory or imagination Active Minds vs. Passive Ideas ● Minds are active beings. The activity of perceiving ideas is called understanding, and the activity of manipulating ideas (for example, calling ideas up from memory, imagining different combinations of ideas, etc.) is called willing. ● Ideas are passive things. They do not do anything unless they are caused to do so by some mind. Two Non-Dualist Solutions to Skepticism about the World ● Materialism (Hobbes, La Mettrie): There is no non-spatial, immaterial mind. The mind is identical with the brain. This solves skepticism about the world because the material brain has no problem gathering information about material things through the material body. But it is hard to maintain belief in an immortal soul or any kind of divinity on this view. ● Idealism (Berkeley): There is no material world. There are only minds and the ideas in those minds. This solves skepticism about the world, because there are no material things outside the mind to be skeptical about. Primary and Secondary Qualities ● Primary Qualities tend to be mathematically describable properties. They are typically held to be objective properties of material objects themselves, as well as subjective proper
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