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Lecture 19

PHIL 2010H Lecture 19: PhilosophyNotesMarch22

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PHIL 2010H

03/22/2017 Basic Principle Consequences ● Free Will ● Responsibility ○ This is a matter of responsibility ​for ​something you create by the choices you make and carry out; not responsibility ​to ​someone or some institution for carrying out certain tasks or following certain rules. Sartre says that we are responsible not just for our own human nature, but for the nature of all humanity. This does not mean that we can impose our choice of human nature on others--- they have free will, too--- but only that in choosing as we do we proclaim our values. We say to everyone, “this is how human beings should be.” Three Characteristics of Human Existence ● Anguish (angst, anxiety) (5-6) ○ Your complete responsibility for your choices, even though there is no guidance for what the “right” choice ought to be (for example, Abraham with Isaac: he didn’t have any guidance), and no control over the consequences of your action (Abraham doesn’t know that God will stop him from sacrificing Isaac). This feature is concerned with responsibility for choices, not consequences. If you try to shift the responsibility off yourself and onto someone else, you’re in bad faith. ● Despair (without hope) (10-11) ○ The complete free will of others (and your future self) to decide spontaneously at any point to either keep or abandon commitments. This feature is concerned with
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