TXMI 3500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Business Analysis, Test Market, Marketing Strategy

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Lecture 3: Product Development
Steps in product development:
1. Idea generation come up with ideas
2. Idea screening is this a good idea? Is this feasible? Has it already been
3. Concept development and testing Logistics of product. How will we make
4. Marketing strategy and development Get the word out about your
product. What is your target market? How will you reach them? Why would
they like your product?
5. Business analysis Costs, supply chain, etc.
6. Product development Design, technical engineering for the product.
Making the physical product
7. Test marketing How does a certain group of people react to your
product? Do they like it?
8. Commercialization
Fies alled ap ad iteeae ith fies alled eft
The way fibers are weaved creates a specific diagonal pattern, and gives fabric a
specific appearance
We look for certain things in textiles depending on their use. For example, in
clothes, we look for aesthetics, comfort, ability to keep warm or cool, etc.
Biomedical materials are in permanent contact with our body so we have
different expectations of these materials/textiles.
Functions of textiles:
Serviceability: the easue of a tetile podut’s ailit to eet osue eeds.
What we look for in a textile and whether or not this textile meets it
- Aesthetics: the appearance or attractiveness of a textile product
- Durability: the manner in which the product withstands use, that is, the
length of time the product is considered suitable for the use for which it
was purchased
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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