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Lecture 11

WMST 2010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Voting Rights Act Of 1965, Gender Studies, Invisibility

Women's Studies
Course Code
WMST 2010

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The Unequal Promise Of Marriage Equality 11/2/16 12:27 AM
Meg Wesling
o Culture courses, Imperialism course, Gender studies
Background info to Know
Shelby County Alabama c. Holder
o Supreme Court ruled in Shelby County v Holder that the
coverage formula Section 4(b) of the Voting Rights Acts,
which was used to determine the states and political
subdivisions subject to Section 5 pre-clearance, was
United States v. Windsor
Loving vs.
The Reading
Discusses how Shelby County v. Holder invalidates Voting Rights
Act and U.S. v. Windsor
Compare interracial marriage with same-sex marriage
Media’s portrayal
o “Like-race” queer couples
Ignoring racial inequalities other than black-white
o “Is Same-Sex the New Racism”
o “It’s Official: Gay is the New Black”
Incorrect image of “progressive politics”
“Having now ‘solved’ the problem of racial inequity, such articles
assert, the state can move on to the question of discrimination
based on the new ‘subject class,’ gays and lesbians,” (172)
“Chief Justice Roberts insists that Congress is rely[ing] simply on
the past,” and he drafts a vision of the nation in which racism no
longer exists, and the pervasive, targeted disenfranchisement of
people of color is the unhappy memory of a previous, distant time.”
o Whatever we give attention to, it gives it POWER.
Class Connections
Intersectionality: Race, Heteronormativity
Invisibility: Privilege is so ingrained, we don’t even see it.
Colorblindness: Invalidates identity and experience
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