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Lecture 12

WMST 2010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: United States Pro-Life Movement, Reproductive Rights, Intersectionality

Women's Studies
Course Code
WMST 2010

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Women, Race and Class 11/2/16 12:27 AM
Angela Y. Davis
o Communist Party
o Civil Rights Movement
o Black Panther Movement
o UCLA: Philosophy
§ Fired for Activism
o San Francisco SU: Ethnic Studies
o Prison: Industrial Complex
§ Prison is a BUSINESS.
Why Birth Control?
Birth Control
o “Individual choice, safe contraceptive methods, as well as
abortions when necessary-is a fundamental prerequisite for
the emancipation of women” (Davis, 202)
Do you agree with Davis’s statement?
o Yes
Why or Why not?
o Because I feel like it’s the women’s choice.
Why is this important?
Pro Birth VS. Pro Life
Things to CONSIDER
o Rights, Religion, Welfare, Medicaid, Military, Women’s
health/life/income, Suicide: Physician assisted, Death penalty,
Economic/Environmental, Gun Control
How does accounting for race and class impact our understanding
of Reproductive rights?
o Sister Song
§ Atlanta Based
§ Grassroots
§ “Amplify and strengthen the collective voices of
Indigenous Women and Women of Color”
§ Reproductive Justice as Human Rights”
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