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Lecture 8

WMST 2010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Equal Rights Amendment, Intersectionality, Heterosexuality

Women's Studies
Course Code
WMST 2010

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The Happy Housewife Heroine by
Betty Friedman | Imagining Women 11/2/16 12:27 AM
The Happy Housewife Heroine by Betty Friedman
Betty Friedman
Writer, activist, and feminist
1966 co-founded and elected as the 1st president of the National
Organization for Women (NOW)
Established the National Women’s Political Caucus
Strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment
Big back to the home movement
o Mom at home, putting on make up, not smart, serving a male.
Quote Analysis
“Does the image by which modern American women live also leave
some things out, the proud and public image of the high school girl
going steady, the college girl in the suburban housewife.” (Friedan,
Social Construction/Stratification
o Women are expected to cook, clean and be homemakers
o The media shapes society’s view of a woman
o Content in publications for women is stereotyped and often
produced by men
A career woman=negative term
o Privilege
Connections with other readings
“In a gender stratified society what men do is valued more highly
than what women do because men do it.” (Lorber)
“The cat fight is a staple of American pop culture, and by the 1970’s
it has evolved… in its purest form, it features two women, one
usually a traditional wife, the other a grasping, craving careerist,
who slug it out.” (Douglas)
Lingering Questions
Who is ultimately responsible for this image of women?
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