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Lecture 13

HIST 1377 Lecture 13: Antebellum Culture and Reform

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University of Houston
HIST 1377
Todd Romero

ANTEBELLUM CULTURE AND REFORM  The great network of institutions and charitable services for handicapped individuals that developed during the prewar years was known as the benevolent empire  The second great awakening combined: o Reform movements o Protestant revivalism  Solitary confinement was meant to give prisoners opportunities to meditate on their wrongdoings and develop “penitence”  Both perfectionists and shakers redefined traditional gender roles  Walt whitman’s poetry helped make individualism one of the defining ideas of antebellum america  Uncle tom’s cabin gained national popularity in the mid-nineteenth century by being produced in: o Novels o Theatrical production  The nineteenth century protestant revivalist movement, known as the second great awakening, was based on the idea that everyone was capable of salvation and spiritual rebirth  William garrison’s philosophy: o Believed the antidote to slavery was full American citizenshiop for all slaves o Believed abolitionists should view slavery from the slaves point of view  James cooper wrote the 1841 novel The DeerSlayer ANTEBELLUM CULTURE AND REFORM  Trancendentalsist’ mode if community living: o Manual labor to transition forma world of intellect to the natural world o Equally share labor, so each could have leisure time to cultivate the self  Not a reason for northern whites to be against the abolition: the movement was gaining ground among white
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