HIST 1378 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Dawes Act, Helen Hunt Jackson, Gilded Age

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Gilded Age 1877-1900
o Continual conflict between traditional Anglo-Saxon stock and immigrants like Southern
and Eastern Europeans
o Saw immigrants as inferiors they would destroy American Exceptionalism
Chinese Immigrants
o Originally came to pan for gold in California as early as 1840
o Aeria etered ito a treaty ith the Chiese got alled the Bearligae Treaty for
labor for the railroads
Told the Chinese that they could take as many as China wanted to send
By 1870s much of the railroad has been built so there was talk of ending the
o Americans started to view the Chinese as aliens and they became the object of intense
and violent xenophobia
o Foreig Miers La of 85
Initially for Mexicans that could mine in California but then applied to the
Chinese in 1850
o Dennis Kearney
Irish iigrat that argued that the got ought to eat a la to stop the
immigration of Chinese
They would destroy the American way of life and take opportunities
from American laborers
o 1871
Fierce race riot in LA that injured/killed many Chinese
Chinese were here to stay
1876 more than 200K still lived in California
o Cubic Air Law
All adults must have 50 cubic feet of living space in order to live a healthy life
Only applied to Chinese districts
o Were expected to wear dog tags to identify them or they were arrested and jailed or
o Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Ban on Chinese immigration for 10 years
Native Americans
o Americans started to view Native Americans as being victims of brutal genocide
Helen Hunt Jackson, A Century of Dishonor (1881)
o Dawes Severalty Act 1887
Was supposed to give Natives the opportunity to assimilate
They could apply and receive 160 acres of land for their families
Guaranteed to them in perpetuity
Could attend American schools
Wanted to turn them into Native American farmers
They rejected this idea saw it as an attempt to destroy their culture
Those ho didt partake, their lad as sold o the ope arket to hites
Idia lad for “ale
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