HLT 2320 Lecture 16: Public Health Threat Number Two and Growing Diet and Physical Inactivity

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Health Education
HLT 2320
Dr.Kayce Solari Williams

CH16: Public Health Threat Number Two and Growing Diet and Physical Inactivity Fast food - Accessibility - cheap - Large social component (cultural norm) - Advertisements Health Risks of Obesity - Cardiovascular disease - Diabetes - Some cancer - Arthritis Measuring Health Risk - BMI - calculated from height and weight - Overweight 25 - 29.9, Obese >30 - Waist to hip ratio - Distribution of fat on body - Pear shape vs apple shape Epidemiology of Obesity - What are the Root causes - Prevalence of overweight and obesity have been increasing since 1960s in males and females of all ages - 75% adults in U.S. are overweight or obese - Black women are more likely than white women to be overweight or obese - White men are slightly more likely than black men to be overweight and obesity ( Most of the jobs they hold are sedentary - sitting on desk all day) - Higher SES is associated with lower rates of overweight and obesity, especially among women - More accessibility of food seem to show less likely to be obese - Genetics, diet, socioeconomic status Overweight among Children - Prevalence of overweight among 6 to 19 years olds increased from 5% to 18% between 1960s and 2000 - High prevalence among Mexican American boys and African American girls - Type 2 diabetes is being diagnosed in children - Rates tripled over 30 years - Parent too busy to encourage kids to play outside, Enticing indoor activities such as video games or the dark dark web, PE and Recess being taken away, School lunches not being healthy just to cut costs to make “education” the primary thing Diet and Nutrition - Federal recommendations - Dietary Guidelines for Americans - More - Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat milk and dairy products - Less - Refined grains, added sugar, salt, cholesterol, saturated and trans fat - MyPlate.gov Dietary Surveys by USDA - Only 1% to 3% of Americans eat recommended number of servings from all food groups - Main vegetables consu
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