TELS 3345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Fide, Civil Rights Act Of 1964

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Puts pressure on employers to treat people equally in the best way they can
Discrimination always being discussed publicly
Civil Rights Act
Equal Pay Act- equal pay for equal work
Gov involved more in contracts
Treatment of employees in a fair and unbiased manner
Attempts to undue all the harm from the past
Fair for all the economy
Additional Legislation
Publicly spoken about
Bunch of laws to deal with the issues of equity in the workplace
Changing National Values
After Civil Rights
Amended later
Later stated 65 was too young
65 was due to social security
50-65 covered under act at first
Changed to 50-70
Couldn't be considered fired for age under 50
Changed to 50 and over
No upper age limit
Changed again in 1990
Age Discrimination and Employment
Called for stronger enforcement of the act
Equal Opportunity Act
Probable cause as to why not hire them
Don't have to hire because disabled but can't not hire them simply because they are
Have to defend it with facts
American Disabilities Act
Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Choosing one race versus the other
Adverse impact: rejecting certain protected classes for employment
Disparate treatment
Employment practices can't have overt or intentional discrimination
Griggs v. Duke Power
Providing opportunity for broad range of classes of employees
EEO refers to actions required of employers to correct past discrimination. False
Training and knowledge of EEO essential for managers, because managers can be held
legally accountable. True
Chapter 3 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
5:22 PM
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