SCLT 2362 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Sourcing, Human Capital

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Human capital: employees' knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes (KSAOs)
that have economic value to the firm
Biggest investment challenge is getting human capital
Learning capability is generate new ideas multiplied by generalizing
Human Capital and HRM
Why pay HR?
Role change (ex: mergers and acquisitions)
Offshoring: "global sourcing"
Trim benefits during recession
Strategic partner to management
HR Managers and Business Strategies
Responding Strategically to Changes in Marketplace
Fend off foreign competitors
National identities of products blurred
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
World Trade Organization
Free-trade agreements
Gauging knowledge and skill base of workers worldwide
How Globalization Affects HRM
Competing, Recruiting and Staffing Globally
Stirs debate
Help avoid lawsuits and improve earnings
Better reputation=higher recommendations
Corporate social responsibility: good corporate citizenship
Sustainability: ability to make goods or services without depleting world's resources
Setting and Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Goals
Strategic and Global Challenges
Collaborative software
Social media used to find jobs
Tech increased jobs that need a lot of skill
Knowledge workers: analyzing info and problem-solving
Industries spend most on training
"just in time" learning
"virtual" learning
From Touch Labor to Knowledge Workers
Human resources info system (HRIS): computerized system that provides current and
accurate data for purposes of control and decision-making
Forecast personnel needs
Evaluate impact of firm's policies
Tech Effect on HRM
Tech Challenges
Can increase productivity by reducing inputs or increase amount that employees
Max Productivity
Productivity and Cot Challenges
Textbook Chapter 1
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
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