SCLT 2362 Lecture 2: Chapter 4 Textbook

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Factors: company size, # customers
Remain subservient to objectives of dept. in which housed
Fragmented log structure: log activities managed in multiple dept. throughout org
Unified log structure: multiple log activities combined into single dept.
Centralized log org: company maintain single log dept. that administers to entire
company from home office
Decentralized log org: log decisions made separately at divisional or product group
level and in different regions
"C-level" position: corporate officers
Work related decisions and comms channels
Decision and comms follow top-down flow
One employee might have cross-functional responsibilities
More costly as more managers needed
Shift from function to process
Facilitate customer interaction
Relevancy- satisfy customer needs
Org Design for Logistics
Organizing Logistics Within the Firm
Amt output divided by input
Human labor= input
Increasing amt of output while holding input constant
Tachograph: recording instrument installed in truck for time and speed
Wireless comms
GIS (graphical info system)
Tech considerations
Excess capacity
Improving output from existing assets
Log service quality
Audited each year once receive
ISO 9000: generic standards used to document quality management and assurance
3.4 defects
New approach
Six Sigma: emphasizes virtual elimination of business errors
Integrates goals and methods of two approaches in pursuit of quality
Lean Six Sigma: area of emerging focus within many companies
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: recognize US org for achievements in
quality and performance
Managerial Issues in Log
Chapter 4 Textbook
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