WCL 3366 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Sound Design, Incest, Forrest J Ackerman

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Crimson Peak
Thursday, November 9, 2017
10:09 AM
Movie notes
o Edith first saw ghost when 10 years old- mother's
Mother died of black cholera
Warned her of "crimson peak"
o Father is builder
Gave her a pen
o Baronet and sister have a scheme
Has to do with a ring
o Father forces them to go to leave town
o Father is killed the next day by a mysterious figure
o Baronet doesn't leave
Sister does
o Moves to England after Edith marries the baronet
Crimson Peak: A Gothic Romance to Die For- David Sims
o Del Toro says it's not a horror film
o "gothic romance"
Like Alfred Hitchcock and George Cukor
o 1940s Old Hollywood
o Alan, other suitor, shows up to be the hero but fails
Show the Monster- Daniel Zalewski
o Forrest Ackerman was all about monsters
o Del Toro was his "heir"
o Attended Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Cinematograficos
o Cronos
Cannes award
Led to working in Hollywood
o Pan's Labyrinth
Worst monsters are human beings
o "Forrest Ackerman's mansion reborn"
Bleak House
o "the tunnels that Ofelia travels through in Pan's Labyrinth, for example, all have
feminine apertures." (7)
o Raised Catholic became atheist
o The Hobbit take over from Peter Jackson
o "twisted rule: the Pale Man could engage in gluttony only if a kid indulged in gluttony"
o Director known to "announce projects prematurely" (11)
o Moved to New Zealand to begin filming but never got the go ahead (MGM financial
Went back to Jackson
o "Madness"
Been a while for big hit (P's L)
Based on Lovecraft's writing
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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