CH 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Gas Laws, International System Of Units, Air One

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One of the fundamental elements of nature. Substances that are liquid and solids under ordinary conditions can also exist in a gaseous state aka vapers. Properties of gases differ from those of solids and liquids. Can occupy the full volume of their containers. Gases always form homogenous mixtures with other gases (atmosphere n2, o2, h2o) Occupy a small fraction of the volume of their containers. Is the force acting on an object per unit of area: force. Gases exert pressure on any surface with which they are in contact. Si unit for force is the newton (n) Si unit for pressure is the pascal (pa) Sir isaac newton"s- universal law of gravitation. Gravity exerts a force on the earth"s atmosphere creating. Consists of a tube completely filled with hg that is inverted into a container of hg. 1 atm= 760 mm hg = 1. 013 * e5 pa. All gases resemble one another closely in their physical behavior.