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Lecture 5

CMM 110 Lecture 5: Notes 9:16:15

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Communication - A&S
Course Code
CMM 110
Desmond Rodger

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find more resources at Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Communications In The Digital Age Take a course called Business and Public Speaking Ch.2 Create your message - Types of Presentations • Ceremonial presentations (special occasions) - Introductions, celebrations, and commemoration • Special events - Introducing commemorating special events • Basic rules - Be as formal or casual as occasion demands - Learn the history of event, why it is occurring • Eulogies: Speech of a friend or loved one that has passed • Delivering the eulogies: Don’t cry and highlight something in their life Informative presentation • - Conveys new information and increases audience understanding - Needs: • Facts, data (not too much) • Organization is key- How you assemble points • Persuasive presentations - Change, alter, or modify audience’s attitudes, believes values, or outlooks - Change attitudes, behaviors, opinion and moods - “— I am here today to tell you how ti make a powerful engaging speech” - Needs: • Facts, data (not too much) Organization is key- How you assemble points • ▯1 find more resources at find more resources at Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - Three essential parts of every presentation • Intro - Tell them what your going to tell them • Body - Tellthem - Main points and ideas of prese
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