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Lecture 7

CMM 110 Lecture 7: Notes 9:23:15

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Communication - A&S
Course Code
CMM 110
Desmond Rodger

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find more resources at Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Communication in the Digital Age Personality and Comm - A few more aspects of personality that makes a difference in how we communicate. - W.T.C • Willingness to communicate = Doesn't address anxiety just how much you avoide communication situations. • Do you initiate communication with others? - Those unwilling to communicate? • Suffer lower on the job rating • Are evaluated lower than others on many things. • Get poorer recommendation letters. • Take long breaks to avoid talking. - Therapies • Systematic Desensitization-snakes! • Cognitive re-structuring • Skill training. - A few other personality traits • Hostility • Verbal aggressiveness • Argumentativeness • Humor Orientation • Assertiveness • Affective Orientation - Perception - How we make sense of the world. ▯1 find more resources at find more resources at
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