HLM 216 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: World'S Columbian Exposition, Ragtime, Clef Club

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Black music started becoming mainstream
White Americans finally found out appeal of African American music through ragtime
Found through sheet music
Whites could play it and enjoy it
Became catalyst for revolution changes in pop music, marked beginning of modern era
Starts after Civil War
Black musicians had played syncopated rhythms in midwest for years
World Columbian Exposition (1893)
Ragtime pianists started to migrate to Chicago
There was work in saloons and restaurants
Scott Joplin
Started using the term “ragtime” by the end of the century (1800’s)
1899: Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin was published
First commercially successful rag
Ragtime became a household word
Any competent pianist could play this because of sheet music
Syncopated Dance Music
1905-1925: Americans became dance crazy
Danced to ragtime in early days
New dances diversified
Includes popular songs set to a danceable beat
Piano rags were scored for dance orchestras
Animal dance
“Grizzle bears”
“Turkey trot”
Lingering close contact
People acted violent to these dances, because it was “sleazy”
COurt imposed 50 day prison sentence for dancing the “turkey trot” in NJ
1914: Official disapproval was issued by the Vatican
Fox trot
Replaced many animal dances
James Reese Europe
○ 1881-1919
From DC > went to NY
Clef Club
Organization for black musician, part union, part booking agency
1912: arranged 150 piece in Carnegie hall
Impressed New York’s high society
Irene & Vernon Castle
Hired Europe to accompany them with his arrangements
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