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Lecture 2

ANTH 103 Lecture 2: ANTH 103 2. Doing Cultural Anthropology

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ANTH 103
A Lee

2. Doing Cultural Anthropology 2016 12 10 10:44 Ethnography The major research tool of cultural anthropology Includes both fieldwork among people in society and written results of fieldwork Ethnocentrism Judging other cultures from the perspective of ones own culture The notion that ones own culture is more beautiful, rational, and nearer to perfection than others Cultural The notion that cultures should be analyzed with reference to their own relativism histories and values, in terms of the cultural whole, rather than according to the values of another culture fieldwork The firsthand, systematic exploration of a society Involves living with a group of people and participating in and observing their behavior Participant observation The fieldwork technique that involves gathering cultural data by observing peoples behavior and participating in their lives Institutional review A committee organized by a university or other research institution board (IRB) that approves, monitors, and reviews all research that involves human subjects Culture shock Feelings of alienation and helplessness that result from rapid immersion in a new and different culture Emic perspective Examining a society using concepts and distinctions that are meaningful to members of that culture Etic perspective Examining societies using concepts, categories, and rules derived from science An outsiders perspective that produces analyses that members of the society being studies may not find meaningful Informant (respondent, A person from whom an anthropologist gathers data interlocutor, consultant) Ethnology The attempt to find general principles or laws that govern cultural phenomena Human Relations Area An ethnographic database that includes descriptions of more than 300 Files (HRAF) cultures and is used for crosscultural research
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