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Lecture 10

ANTH 103 Lecture 10: ANTH 103 10. Political Organization

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ANTH 103
A Lee

10. Political Organization 2016 12 10 10:45 Political The patterned ways in which power is used in a society organization Egalitarian society A society in which no individual or group has more privileged access to resources than any other Rank society A society characterized by institutionalized differences in prestige but no important restrictions on access to basic resources Stratified society A society characterized by formal, permanent social and economic inequality in which some people are denied access to basic resources Power The ability to compel other individuals to do things that they would not choose to do for their own accord Authority The ability to cause others to act based on characteristics such as honor, status, knowledge, ability, respect, or the holding of formal public office Political ideology The shared beliefs and values that legitimize the distribution and use of power in a particular society Hegemony The dominance of a political elite based on a close identification between their own goals and those of the larger society Leadership The ability to direct an enterprise or action Rebellion The attempt of a group within society to force a redistribution of resources and power Revolution An attempt to overthrow an existing form of political organization and put another type of political structure in its place Law A means of social control and dispute management through the systematic application of force by a politically constituted authority Band A small group of people related by blood or marriage, who live together and are loosely associated with a territory in which they forage Tribe A culturally distinct population whose members consider themselves descended from the same ancestor Bigman A selfmade leader who gains power through personal achievements rather than through political office Mediation A form of managing disputes that uses the offices of a third party to achieve voluntary agreement between the disputing parties
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