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Lecture 1

ANTH 103 Lecture 1: ANTH 103 1. Anthropology and Human Diversity

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ANTH 103
A Lee

1. Anthropology and Human Diversity 2016 12 10 10:43 Cultural The study of human thought, meaning, and behavior that is learned rather than anthropology genetically transmitted, and that is typical of groups of people HolisticHolism An approach that considers culture, history, language, and biology essential to a complete understanding of human society Biological (or Sub discipline of anthropology that studies people from a physical) biological perspective, focusing primarily on aspects of humankind that anthropology are genetically inherited Includes osteology, nutrition, demography, epidemiology, and primatology Paleoanthropology Sub discipline of anthropology concerned with tracing the evolution of humankind in the fossil record Human variation Sub discipline of anthropology concerned with mapping and explaining physical differences among modern human groups Primate A member of a biological order of mammals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys as well as prosimians (lemurs, tarsiers, and others) Linguistic A branch of linguistics concerned with understanding language and its relation anthropology to culture Historical The study of the relationships among languages to better understand the linguistics histories and migrations of those who speak them Archaeology The sub discipline of anthropology that focuses on the reconstruction of past cultures based on their material remains Urban archaeology The archaeological investigation of towns and cities as well as the process of urbanization Prehistoric Societies for which we have no usable written records Artifact Societies for which we have no usable written records Cultural resource The protection and management of archaeological, archival, and management (CRM) architectural resources Society A group of people who depend on one another for survival or wellbeing as well as the relationships among such people, including their status and roles
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