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ANTH 103
Rahul Sirohi

Difference, Belonging and Borders Nationalism and Ethnicity Imagined but not Imaginary: ethnicity and Nationalism in the Modern World (Jenkins). In Exotics no More. In Search of ‘Decent People’: Resistance to the Ethnicization of Everydya Life among the Muslims of Stolac. 2007. Torsten Kolind. In The New Bosnian Mosaic. Race and the Power of Categories In Spradley and McCurdy Chapter 24. Mixed Blood (Fish). Pp.217-226) On Compass Unraveling “Race” for the Twenty-First Century. Faye Harrison. In Exotics no More. Labor and Exchange Commodities and Gifts: In Spradley and McCurdy Part Four Introduction: Economic Systems: pp. 116-118 Chapter 13, Reciprocity and the Power of Giving (Cronk): 119-124 Chapter 32, How Sushi Went Global (Bestor): 295-305 Work and Identities In Spradley and McCurdy Chapter 14 Poverty at Work: Office Employment and the CrackAlternative (Bourgois): 125-135 On Compass: Labor and Commodities in a Global Context In Spradly and McCurdy Chapter 15: Cocaine and the Economic Deterioration of Bolivia (Weatherford):136-144 Chapter 35: Global Women in the New Economy (Ehrenreich and Hochschild): 325-333 Oct 21-25: Politics of Representation Representing Selves and Others In Spradley and McCurdy Chapter 21. [email protected]: Jobs, Identity, and the Internet Chapter 23. Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? –Abu-Lughod Identity and media representation Cannibal Tours Consuming Identity: In Spradley and McCurdy Chapter 33: Village Walks: Tourism and Globalization among the Tharu of
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