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Astronomy Lecture 41

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ASTR 100

Astronomy Lecture 41 12/9/13 Cosmology Part III 1. NASASatellite COBE a. Cosmic Background Explorer = COBE b. COBE results i. The CMB emits a perfect 2.73 Kelvin blackbody spectrum ii. The CMB shows tiny fluctuations of 1:10,000 2. Prediction Cosmic Nucleosynthesis a. Astronomers/physicists explained recombination at T= 3,000 K when the Universe was 379,000 yrs old, so how about… b. Going back in time to T = 15 Million K when the Universe was 3 minutes old: nucleosynthesis i. *Nucleosynthesis-The synthesis of the elements* c. Original hydrogen burns to helium (25%) and other elements like deuterium and lithium d. Our water contains one deuterium atom for every 10,000 hydrogen atoms (0.01%) a clear prediction e. Steven Weinberg’s book: The First Three Minutes 3. Balance of Matter &Anti-Matter a. When the Universe was younger than 1 second, there was an equal balance of matter & antimatter b. When similar conditions are created in particle accelerators like Fermilab, Physi9ists see an imbalance between matter and antimatter at one part 1*10 c. This is where the CMB photons came from 4. Predictive success a. Recombination at T= 3,000 K when the Universe was 379,000 years
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