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Lecture 2

Week 2: Tuesday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek2T3SeptemberMYTHSOFCREATIONTHERISEOFZEUSPowell6thor7theditionChapter4AnswerthesequestionsasyoudotheassignedreadingandbringtheresttoclassSomecanbecompletedfromPowellsomecanbeansweredonlyfromlectureQuestionsforiclickerquizzesandmultiplechoiceexamsaredrawnfromthesequestions1Define cosmogony a story that explains the origin of the world2Define theogony a story that explains the origin of the gods and their rise to power3In what tradition are these the same In what tradition are they differentThey are the same when the cultures worship gods who control aspects of nature So in the greek and indoeuropean cultures the story of how the earth was made is the same as how the gods were created and rose to power In the biblical tradition God is outside of the creation of the world and exists before it 4What is the principal mythological account of the of creation of the world Who wrote it WhenThe principal mythological account of the creation of the world is a poem called the Theogony thand was written by Hesiod in the 8 century bc Acronym to remember it by THE Theogony Hesiod Eighth century5List three ways in which Hesiod organized traditional stories about the origins of the world and the gods1 space2geneology3 theme6What does Chaos mean in Greek Chasm7What were the next three divinities to appear after Chaos Where do they end up spatially in relation to one anotherGaeaearth is the base of all thingsTartarus windswept and dark deep in the caverns of broadwayed earth Basically below earthEros sexual love or attraction fairest of them all but ruins our hearts good sense
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