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Lecture 3

Week 3: Section Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV115ATraillFall2013SectionReadingQuestionsWeek3PLAUTUSAMPHITRYONANDHOMERILIADBOOK14LINES187494TRFAGLES1Who wrote Amphitryon pronounced amFtreeonWhen approximately did he live You will have to look this upPlautus From 254bc184bc2Where is the play setThebes before the mansion of Amphitryon3Who delivers the prologue long opening speech Who is the prologuespeaker pretending to beMercury delivers it pretending to be a slave named Sosia4Who is the god Jupiter pretending to beJupiter is pretending to be Amphitryon5Match the following columnsJunoHermesJupiterJoveHeraMercuryZeus6Fill in the following chart The equals signmeans married toAlcmena1 humanAmphitryonAlcmena 2 godJupiterIphiclesHeracles 7Who does Mercury threaten Why Sosia because he was trying to get inside the house Also because he thought the gods resembled him Mercury says You rascal you think the gods resemble you Ill entertain you Ill teach you to be civil Come here you gallows bird learn it the hard way 8What is unusual about this past night p 15The moon is still in the same spot as when it rose and all the stars are frozen and there isnt a sight of dawn
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