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Week 7: Section Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV115ATraillFall2013SectionReadingQuestionsWeek7TheUnderworldHomerOdyssey11someofthisisinPowellVirgilAeneid6QuestionsNotePleasedotheseafteryouhavecompletedtheTuesdayCourseReadingQuestionsThesesupplementthequestionsthereHomerOdyssey111 What is a libation Lines 246 I spaded up the votive pit and pouredlibations round it to the unnumbered deadsweet milk and honeyDrink poured out to honor deities 2 To whom is Odysseus telling the story of his underworld encounters in Book 11Queen Arete and King Alkinoos the Phaeacians3 What do they want to give himA way back to Ithica 4 Who was Agamemnons traitress wifeKlytaimnestra5 Who is Odysseus wise wifePenelope6Who does Odysseus talk to Achilles about at lengthNeoptolemos7When did this person show great braverygreater than the other GreeksHe got through a whole battle without getting even a scratch 8Where is the real HeraclesHe is in Olympus with Hebehis wife VirgilAeneid69 Whose temple do Aeneas and his men come to near the Sibyls cave This the same god who possesses herapollo 10 What object does Aeneas need to enter the underworld as a living being
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