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Week 7: Tuesday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
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CLCV 115

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CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek7T8OctoberMYTHSOFDEATHENCOUNTERSWITHTHEUNDERWORLDPowell6theditionChapter11Powell7theditionChapter12NoteifyouareinCLCV115youmayreadthewholeofOdysseyBook11intheWeek7SectionReadingsfolderinsteadoftheexcerptsinPowellsinceyouwillbereadingtheentireplayforsectionTheSectionReadingisdifferenttranslationthanPowellsSectionQuestionsincludingquotationsarebasedonthisothertranslation1 According to ancient Greeks what caused deathDeath was caused by a hostile force from the natural world from a human being or from the invisible and inexplicable realm of gods ghosts magicians and priests that we call disease2 What other names was Hades called in Greek or Latin Why was he called by these namesHades or the unseen one because the dead are buried in the earth unseen where Hades rules He is also called Pluto enricher because from beneath the earth comes mineral and agricultural wealth They also called him Dis or Dives Latin for rich3 What did Greeks believe normally happened to individual human beings after deathAfter death human beings continue to exist after death although in an attenuated form The soul surviv
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