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Week 8: Thursday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek8R17OctoberOEDIPUSANDTHEMYTHSOFTHEBESPowell6theditionChapter17outofsequenceinPowellPowell7theditionChapter18outofsequenceinPowell1Find Phoenicia Crete Thebes Mt Cithaeron Athens Corinth Delphi and Argos on a map2What is unique about the city of Thebes in Greek legend2 separate stories were told about its foundation3Why was Cadmus traveling around the MediterraneanTo find his sister Europa4Where does he go for information about his quest What is he told to doGoes to Delphi He is told to give up and instead follow a cow with special markings and found a city where the cow became exhausted and lay down 5Describe briefly the creature he slays How does this creature kill his companions identify three different ways How does Cadme us finally defeat itIt is a huge serpentdragon It was golden and fire shot from its eyes Kills companions by eating them poisoned them with his breath and crushing them to death Cadmus defeats it by spearing it against a tree6Explain how this exploit makes Cadmus a typical IndoEuropean hero Name two other heroes who perform a similar exploitHE KILLS SNAKEY DRAGON Like other dragon killers ya dig7Who advises him after the fight and what happens as a result of her adviceAthena advises him As a result of her advice an army is grown from the ground and fought to the death until 5 soldiers remained They stood by Cadmus when he founded Thebes8Who is Harmonia and what does Cadmus have to do in order to marry her What are Harmonias two wedding giftsHarmonia is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite In order to marry her he had to serve Ares for 8 years Harmonias 2 wedding gifts are a necklace made by Hephaestus and a robe that gave its owner royal dignity The necklace curses anyone who owns it afterwards9Identify Ino Semele Agave and Actaeon and briefly describe their fates
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