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Week 13: Tuesday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek14T3DecemberLEGENDSOFAENEASPowell6theditionChapter22Powell7theditionChapter231 Find Rome Lavinium Alba Longa Cumae and Carthage on a mapLater2 Which was native to Rome divine myth legend From where did Romans adopt the other3 Name and briefly describe the three forms of government in Romes history753510 BCEThe Etruscan monarchy51031 BCEAlliance of wealthy landowning Latin families The Republic patrician oligarchic republic31 BCE1453 CEQuasimonarchy under Agustus and later Julius Caesar4 Describe the nature of native Roman deities and explain how it differed from that of Greek deities using Robigus and Janus as examples What is the Latin word for a deity What is the original meaning of this word Roman deities were personifications of various qualities and were strictly limited in their function having only the right to refuse or assent to requests while Greek deities also possessed a human psychology and would lust lie cheat fight love forgive hate and avenge See p6367 for RobigusJanus examples Latin word for deity is numen And the original meaning of this word is nod or assent 5 What ceremony was used to influence the behavior of a Roman deity How did Romans learn the will of their deitiesCeremony was called sacrificium and was a legal transfer of something into the ownership of the numen who was then expected to fulfill his or her side of the bargain It would be a bribe of wine the gut of a sheep incense or the entrails of a filthy red dog They learned the will of their deities through divinations and all proceedings required the nod of the invisible powers 6 Match the following native Roman gods with the Greek gods with whom they were eventually identified Provide one fact that is distinctive about each Roman versionJupiter Zeus received pigs sacrificed with a stone knifeJuno Hera close ties with the moon
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