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Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 198

Your NamenetidGroupNamenetidNamenetidNamenetid ECE 198 Worksheet 1 Algorithms People on the autistic spectrum have historically found it difficult to find employment However this past year software giant SAP has begun a push to hire workers on the autistic spectrum because of their extreme attention to detail and ability to follow precise procedures SAP believes that these unique abilities make people on the autistic spectrum ideal candidates for programmers and codedata quality assurance managers While people tend to be imprecise in the ways that they execute tasks or think about those tasks computer engineers and programmers need to be able to translate imprecise daily tasks into precise stepbystep algorithms that can be executed on stupid computers that can do only exactly what they are told In this worksheet you will explore how to write algorithms that are precise by translating imprecise English descriptions of tasks into algorithms technically algorithms are a sequence of computational steps As the class progresses we will further explore how we implement algorithms in computer programs and computer hardware 1 Your TA will give you a task that heshe will perform based on your instructionsWrite stepbystep instructions in English for how your TA will perform hisher chosen task Spend no more than 5 minutes introducing yourself rules for discussion section etc Choose a task for students to decompose that is sufficiently complex The activity should have several smaller activities embedded within themActivities like walk around the room put on a shirt make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be good activities Instruct students to complete steps 1 and 2 to start They will have 15 minutes for these two activities 2 In computer engineering we create flow charts to help us visualize algorithms Interesting algorithms contain at least two components processes and decisionsProcesses describe actions computations or tasks to perform After completing a process we always move onto the next process or decision Decisions determine whether a process is performed Decisions ask yes or no questions and choose the next process or decision to perform based on the answer to the question The diagram to the right shows a flow chart for crossing the street On the next page draw a flow chart describing the task your TA gave you to do Keep refining your flowchart until the TA asks for teams to share their flow charts 1
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