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University of Illinois
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 198

Your NamenetidGroupNamenetidNamenetidNamenetid ECE 198 Worksheet 5 Riddles for combinational logic design Once upon a time a farmer went to market and purchased a fox a goose and a bag of beans On his way home the farmer needed to cross a river so he rented a small boatWhen crossing the river by boat the farmer can carry himself and only one of his purchasesthe fox the goose or the bag of beans If left alone the fox will eat the goose If left alone the goose will eat the beans The farmers challenge is to get himself and all of his purchases over to the other side of the river without anything getting eaten Design a circuit that will tell the farmer which sets of conditions are allowable for the farmer given the constraints above in other words what conditions wont result in something getting eaten 1 The farmer needs to track var
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