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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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ECE 198

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Your NamenetidGroupNamenetidNamenetidNamenetid ECE 198 Worksheet 9 Car Key Remote In this worksheet you will finish the finite state machine FSM that controls the locks and alarm of a car The remote has 3 inputs unlock U lock L and panic P Each of these inputs is 1 when a button is pressed and 0 when the button is not pressed These inputs control a state machine that has 3 outputs control drivers door D control remaining doors R and alarm A When D or R is 0 the corresponding doors are locked When D or R is 1 the corresponding doors are unlocked When A is 1 the cars alarm is sounding and when A is 0 the cars alarm is silent 1 In lecture we derived the state diagram and state encodings below The states are encoded as SSDRA Assign encodings to each state transition so that there is no ambiguity To assign the 10encodings you will need to balance creating minimal circuits with intuitive behaviorsEach transition may have more than one encoding assigned to it The main key to this assignment is that the student select intuitive assignments and encodings for their state transitions As long as the behavior makes sense the students can do what they wantThere are numerous good solutions so no solution is provided Students should all get 100 for trying on this oneDRIVERLocked1010000000ALARMUNLOCKED1111001001 1
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