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GEOG 110

4/9/2013 10:21:00 AM Dover, Kent, United Kingdom: layers of history that build up the uniqueness of the place. Conceptualizing Place: Place- the settings of peoples everyday life, places are unique and interdependent. What is unique about your hometown? Glen Ellyn has three small lakes and a high school that looks like a castle. John Agnew’s 3 Aspects of Place: Location- the role a place plays in the world or its function. Its not where the place is. Larger places will have more definitions and functions. Locale- the institutions that organize activity, politics and identity in a place. Institutions are any organization where people spend time and that structures the way that they live (unions, churches, places like country clubs) Sense of Place- a feeling of identity or character tied to a place. Feeling of belonging and attachment to a place. Change in the location and locale can cause friction and conflict because it might not resonate with established senses of how the place is. Urban legends and nicknames can add to a sense of place. Use the three aspects to describe your home town: Glen Ellyn is home to generally wealthy, catholic people who are modest and friendly. Another Definition of place: Places are networks of social relations which have over time been constructed, laid down, interacted with one another, decayed and renewed. Some of these relations will be, as it were, contained within the place; others will stretch beyond it, tying any particular locality into wider relations and processes in which other places are implicated too. Places are socially constructed They change over time The importance of historical legacy The importance of linkages to other places Whats going on in the world? Conflict in Mali pressures france for involvement Israel holds an election Increased tensions between Japan and China Conceptualizing Scale: Scale defines or limits the scope of actions and jurisdictions of authority. Actions: A. Being a student (classes, UIUC, in/out of state) B. Migration (intra-urban, regional, global) C. Military Intervention (within a country, between neighbors, across the globe) Jurisdiction or Authority: A. Local, state and federal government. B. The question of sovereignty (Sunni triangle, state sovereignty, local challenge, global intervention) Peter Taylor’s 3 Scales: The local scale- the scale of experience The nation-state- the scale of ideology The global scale- the scale of reality Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1980s Local scale- ship building industry is in decline, unemployment is hight. Global scale- recession (lack of demand for ocean-going ships, plus competition e.g. South Korea) Decided to go to war as a result of these scales Geographic Scale: Individual Household Neighborhood Town Region Nation-state Multi-state regions Global Agents: individuals or groups of individuals trying to achieve a goal Doesn’t occur in a vacuum- there are limits structures (sets rules and norms, partially determine what can and cannot be done) Structures are expressions of power: they define what is permissible and expected. Agents operate within structures, structures enable and constrain agents. Structures are simultaneously agents and vice versa Iran is doing / not doing whatever it is with nuclear weapons based on inte
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