LAW 680 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Micromanagement

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Published on 9 Jun 2020
University of Illinois
LAW 680
Know what kinds of atty-conduct are most complained about by clients
o (1) Missed Deadlines
so make sure you consistently make deadlines; use calendaring
system consistently use it
o (2) Atty labors under conflict of interestwhere atty has represented both
parties to a transaction
set up a conflict screening systemso can identify potential
conflicts of interest
be wary of when you are representing multiple clients in a
transaction; take care in this situation
o (3) Attys enter into business transactions with clients; get their own
money tied up with client transaction
avoid business dealings with your clients; business transactions are
not forbidden under the ethical rulesbut if you are going to enter
into one, tell your client to get an independent lawyer to advise him
or just avoid it all together
Carefully Screen cases and clients
o Pick your clients carefully
Know which clients are likely to be trouble
o There are some red flags to watch out for:
Someone you know has a track record of not paying bills
A client who has unrealistic expectation of how case will come
outmay be trouble
Ex: does client want an outcome that legal system does not
provide; or outcome that cannot be achieved under the
particular circumstances
What is the client’s motivation—grievance; vengeance
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