MCB 150 Lecture 10: 10

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Exam 1 Review lecture
Each leaflet does not have to have the same amount of lipids and
Each membrane needs to have relatively the same amount.
Different membranes can have different compositions
Will not have significantly different numbers of phospholipids
Need to have sustainable bilayer, need somewhat equal numbers
of phospholipids.
3 things
Nitrogen containing ring structure
Single ring - TUC
Double ring - AG (purine)
Phosphate group
5 C sugar
ALWAYS need OH on 3’ C to link.
NEED three phosphate groups on incoming nucleotide
Ribose - OH on 2’C
Deoxyribose - H on 2’C
Extreme climates - single cell
What can you determine with no testing?
Probably either bacteria or archaea
Can eliminate eukarya because they are usually multicellular and
are not found in extreme climates
CANNOT say which prokaryote it is.
More likely to find bacteria - if anything, guess bacteria.
Bacteria and archaea have small circular DNA
In vitro = lab. If you didn't put it in there, it's not in there.
In an enzyme accepts a chemical group, the enzyme needs to get rid of the
group by the end of the reaction
If it does not go back to normal, then the enzyme will not be able to accept
anymore substrates.
The enzyme can take a phosphate group and put it on itself, but then give
back the phosphate group in order to continue functioning correctly.
Difference between aldose and ketose sugar in ring form
Aldose = carbonyl on 1’C
Ketose = carbonyl on 2’ C
Both of these need to interact with second to last C, so that means that an
aldose will have a ring with the same number of components as they have
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