MCB 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Kanamycin A, Mt-Rnr1, Transfer Rna

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Published on 27 Mar 2017
University of Illinois
Molecular and Cell Biology
MCB 150
Problem Solving and Case Study
Learning Catalytics:
Which of the following proteins would need to be moved across a nuclear
pore complex in one direction or the other (or possibly both)? Choose all
that apply.
Transcription factors
Made in cytoplasm, work in nucleus
Histone proteins
Made in cytoplasm, work in nucleus
Glycolysis enzymes
Ribosomal proteins
Need to be brought in (assembled)
Need to be taken out (work on other mRNA)
Mitochondrial RNA polymerase
Do not need the signal bc works in the mitochondria
Where were you made? Where do I need to put you?
If you do not need to move from cytoplasm/nucleus and you don't
need to move to the other place, you do not need a signal.
Which of these proteins is/are likely to possess a transit sequence?
Imported into mitochondria. Choose all that apply.
A component of ETC Complex II
No coding sequence in mitochondrial RNA
A glycolysis enzyme
Happens in cytoplasm, needs to go to the cytoplasm
A Krebs cycle enzyme
No genes for krebs in mitochondria
Cytosolic Hsp70
Only in the cytoplasm
Transcription factor for RNA polymerase 2, which works in
Mitochondrial RNA polymerase
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