MCB 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Signal Peptide, Transmembrane Protein

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Published on 6 Apr 2017
University of Illinois
Molecular and Cell Biology
MCB 150
Lecture 27
Review Screen Casts and videos from lecture
Identify the statements which are correct. It could be neither, one, or both.
All secreted proteins are soluble.
All soluble proteins are secreted.
Soluble means (not membrane bound)
So A is correct
B is wrong because there are lots of soluble proteins in the cytoplasm that aren’t secreted
In the figure above, one side of the membrane is the cytoplasm, and the other side of the
membrane is the lumen of the RER. The region of the transmembrane protein labeled ISS is
an internal signal sequence. N- and C-termini of the protein are shown. Click or tap inside
the circle found in the cytoplasm.
Right side is correct
Single pass transmembrane protein (so N terminus faces the Cyto)
We know its this because the 1st sequence was an “internal signal sequence”
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find more resources at
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