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Lecture 34

MCB 150 Lecture 34: Lecture 34

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Molecular and Cell Biology
MCB 150
Brad Mehrtens

❖ Cilium or Flagellum movement using axonemal dynein ➢ The MT doublets here bend ➢ Cilia wave back and forth and are shorter ➢ Flagellum whip and are longer ❖ Cell Theory ➢ Cells fundamental unit of life ➢ All organisms are made of one or more cells ➢ All cells arise from preexisting cells ❖ Cell cycle procedure ➢ Cell grows ➢ DNA replication ➢ Distribution of replicated Xsomes ➢ Cell division ➢ In bacteria: ■ Growth and DNA replication happen throughout the cell’s life ➢ In Eu: ■ Growth is continuous but DNA rep only occurs in one part of the cell’s life ❖ Eu cell cycle ➢ Based on human cells (for the purposes of MCB 150) ■ Divides every 24 hours (on AVG) ■ M phase (5%) and interphase (95%) ● M phase = mitosis and cytokinesis ■ DNA rep is in S phase ➢ Phases: G1, S (continuation of G1 PLUS DNA rep), G2, M (Mitosis and Cyto) ❖ NOTE: in M phase, the cell is still one cell until the end of cytokinesis so DNA M = DNA G2 ❖ LC question If a human cell has a 2n amount of DNA during G1, it has: Choose all that apply. ● a 2n amount of DNA during G2. ● an n amount of DNA during M-phase. ● a 4n amount of DNA during G2. ● a 2n amount of DNA during M-phase. ● a 4n amount of DNA during M-phase. ● an n amount of DNA during G2 ❖ Time spent in each phase depends on the organism ➢ Cultured Human cells ■ 11 hrs in G1 ■ 8 hrs in S ■ 4 hrs in G 2 ■ 1 hr in M ➢ Yeast cells
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