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Lecture 18

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PHIL 101

Deontology • Deontology - Morality is the obedience to rules ⿞Deont - "That which is binding" ⿞Cares about reasons,motivations,and intentions (all or sometimes only some of these) ⿞Consequences are fundamentally irrelevant to the deontologist ⿞If someone truly believes they are doing something good we do not have to say they're moral we just don't say they're immoral if their intentions were good Kant • What is intrinsically good? "Good without limitation" ⿞First one should determine what is intrinsically good and then make their moral theory from there ⿞A "good will" is the only intrinsically good thing • When is one acting out of a good will? ⿞"Nothing other than the representation of the law itself,which can of course occur only in a rational being...Can constitute the preeminent good we call moral..." ~Kant ‣ Nothing other than the reason for an action can be moral ‣ Maxim - your "law" for an action;the principle on which you act ‣ Personhood is required for morality,Nonpersons are amoral • Any action against a nonperson has no moral standing in deontology • When
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